Eden Springs Smile eco-model water dispenser

The Smile water dispenser combines a totally new design and user friendly GUI with an existing cost-saving and environmentally sound heating and cooling mechanism. It can be used with either bottled mineral water or tap water filtering system.
Eden Springs new cooler design


The friendly look and clean and tall design suits any office or commercial area and invites users to approach the dispenser, where they can drink cold water and prepare hot drinks.
The product won the prestigious DESIGN & DESIGN award for 2013.
Eden Springs Smile eco-model water dispenser

Product description

The body is made of injected ABS parts for high-quality finishing and reduced production and shipments costs.
איגלו סטודיו לעיצוב תעשייתי ועיצוב מוצר - קולר סמייל של מי-עדן

Client benefits

The Smile is the tallest water dispenser in the world, proven ergonomically superior for both filling cups and replacing the bottle – no need to bend over to do either task. Cups are dispensed from a convenient built-in slanted side pocket. The Smile Eco Mode system’s GUI can save up to 30% on electricity because of its built-in 168h clock and 3 easy-to-use pre-set hibernating options.
Innovative product design by Igloo Design - Smile water cooler
קולר מים מינראליים של מי עדן בעיצוב איגלו דיזיין

Design process

Research, product characterization, industrial design, engineering, project management.