Outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and hikers carry large quantities of water, and drink in comfort

SOURCE is a leading international manufacturer of personal outdoors hydration systems. Among its customers is the US Army – requiring its products to adhere to stringent US Army standards. Source chose IGLOO DESIGN STRATEGY to design and engineer its line of hydration systems. One model won the Outdoor Industry Award of 2010.

Development process

Research, product characterization, product design, engineering, project manage ment, and production implementation.

Client benefits

A high caliber and dependable line of products with significant advantages over the competition. Previously, the Widepac™ reservoir closer had failed to pass rigorous US Army tests for withstanding pressure. IGLOO developed a new closer that costs about the same as the old, but far and away surpasses the performance of the old one. It meets stringent US Army standards.
Product description

Product description

Personal hydration systems consisting of a flexible water bladder made of 3 layers of PE inside a backpack with a delivery tube extending from the bladder. On the end of the tube is a drinking valve. To drink, the user simply places the valve in his or her mouth and sucks the water out freely.
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