Ergonomic working station

Justanding, an innovative ergonomic workstation, allows users to work standing-up for extended periods of time. The system, invented by physiotherapist Roy Bahnof, considerably reduces the stress placed on the body when office work is carried out in a sitting position. It makes work easier and increases output.
Justanding designed by Igloo Design

Product Description

But Justanding is not just another standing workstation.  In contrast to traditional ones, which place 100% of users' weight on their legs and feet, Juststanding's revolutionary design divides the weight: 70% on the legs and feet and 30% divided between the forearms and the trunk of the body. The product, designed only after extensive orthopedic and ergonomic research, provides a healthier and more comfortable environment for extended periods of office work. The trunk and forearm rests are fully adjustable, as are the desk and the screen heights, making the workstation adaptable to each user. The standing platform is made of a special silicon material that is easy on the feet. Several modular partitions rest on the edge of the work surface, including an erasable board and a narrow shelf to store office supplies, leaving the work surface clear. Privacy is afforded according to the needs of the user and the office.
Justanding working place designed by Igloo Design

Advantages of the product

Justanding provides a solution for back, arm, shoulder and neck ailments. It improves work experience and concentration. The user is more energetic and functions better. Standing contributes to weight loss and balanced fat and sugar levels. Employees miss fewer workdays because of bad health. Office space is utilized to the maximum. Impressive and distinctive design.
Justanding Igloo Design

Design process

Product design, technology, materials, and user experience are the direct result of thorough design research carried out in work environments, including in-depth interviews with employees who tried out the models. The development process included research, product characterization and product design.
Justanding Roy Bahnof Igloo Design
Justanding Igloo Design Strategy


Justanding can be positioned in a number of different ways in order to maximize the number of workstations in any given office space.
Justanding Roy Bahnof design by Igloo Design strategy