The simplest way to avoid pinched fingers

When LGE, a company that develops and markets child-proofing products, wanted to add a new product to its roster, it approached IGLOO to come up with new ideas and concepts and then design and develop them. The first product in the series to go on the market is the FingerKeepers, a drawer stopper that prevents infants’ and toddlers’ fingers from being pinched by slamming drawers.
Finger Keepers 1

Product description

A stopper that prevents drawers from closing on infants' and toddler’s fingers.
Finger Keepers 2

Development process

Research, product characterization, product design, engineering, project management.
Finger Keepers 3 designed by IGLOO DESIGN

The solution

A rubber stopper with an integral hinge. It is attached above the drawer with two-sided tape, allowing the drawer to be opened freely, but not closed again until the stopper is raised.
Finger Keepers 5

Client benefits

The client got an inexpensive and extremely simple product that provides a full and reliable solution to the problem.