Attractive design and clever engineering combine to produce a product weighing only 30 grams

For years IGLOO  has specialized in designing and engineering bottles for leading companies worldwide. The key to our success is experience and knowledge in design and engineering, especially when it comes to products in which the two are inseparable and each gram of material is critical. Our services include industrial design, engineering, production implementation, and acting as liaison with Europe’s principal blow-molding manufacturers.

Bottle design looks deceptively easy

To those not familiar with the field, the main task of a bottle designer seems to be matching a pretty silhouette with the product to be filled. In reality, bottle design is extremely challenging and exacting because of a plethora of constraints and a dearth of design options. First, the main design is limited by the bottle proportions, raw materials, and production technologies the existing factory line (which cost millions of dollars) can accept. Second, since each extra gram of plastic per bottle can result in increased production costs reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, great effort must be made (including the use of pre-production computerized analysis) to engineer the lightest possible bottle that meets the demand to support topload weights of over 40 kg., further limiting the designer’s freedom of action. Add to that the need for a smooth cylindrical surface for the label and the demands of the marketing department (“We expect you to surprise us with your design!”) and you have a veritable web of constraints that leaves little room for design freedom.
Danone Strauss family size yogurt bottle design

Product description

Various sized plastic and glass bottles manufactured using a wide variety of production technologies.
ME bottle
ME bottle

Clients benefits

Structurally strong, attractive bottles that are designed for strength. An attractive, structurally strong bottle, of minimal weight for low production costs. IGLOO has been awarded numerous prizes for their bottle designs for Mey-Eden and Jafora.