Levering the success of a product to promote the next generation

Building on the success of the TicTac2 magnetic clip, Igloo initiated and developed the next generation flexible magnetic clip, the TicTac3. It can simultaneously hold up to three photos on any metallic surface (refrigerator, door, etc.). Applying pressure to the center of one of its legs raises the magnet and allows easy release of the photo under it.

Product description

Refrigerator (or other metallic surface) magnet for holding notes and photos. Magnets are affixed to each of the product’s three legs; light pressure on the center of a leg raises the magnet and a photo or piece of paper can be inserted or removed. When the pressure is removed, the magnet sticks to the metal surface, securing the photo or paper in place.

Development process

Research, product characterization, industrial design, engineering, project management and production implementation.

Client benefits

Papers are held securely with Nd magnets, are released easily, and provide a unique user experience – the magnet is counter-intuitively released by pressing it towards the metal surface rather than pulling it away from it, the opposite of normal refrigerator magnets. Made of flexible and pleasant-to-touch materials and available in attractive colors, the product is an enticing sales promotion product.