Design makes a simple product a marketing hit

IGLOO conceived of a new product for sales promotions – a functional refrigerator magnet for holding papers and photos that provides a unique user experience. The product was extremely successful and was exceptionally well received in the market. In 2004 it was awarded America’s most prestigious design award  from the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA).
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Product description

Refrigerator magnet for holding papers and photos. Rather than level, the product is constructed so that both ends are on slight angles, with a small magnet imbedded on each end. Working on the principle of a see-saw, when one magnet touches a metal surface, the other is free. Just place your papers under the free magnet and press it to the surface – your papers are secure. To release or add papers, press the first magnet. No metal surface? Match up two units lengthwise to form a clip. When the two magnets on one end are pressed together the other end opens for paper placement. Press the magnets on that end together and the papers are secure. To release, press together the magnets on the other end.
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Product advantages

Papers are held securely thanks to the use of Nd magnets. They are easily released by pressing instead of pulling, unlike regular refrigerator magnets. The counterintuitive action makes for an interesting user experience. A useful refrigerator magnet for holding papers and photos that provides an unconventional user experience. Attractive design. Great for sales promotions. The product registered as European and American patent.
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Development process

Research, product characterization, industrial design, engineering, project management.
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