Smart Functional Solution Provides a Point-of-Sale Advantage

SYROX is a leading producer of heavy industry diamond tools used for grinding, drilling, and sawing. Igloo was asked to design a handgrip for its large and heavy embedded-diamond drills to facilitate carrying them from point-of-sale to the intended machinery
SYROX HAND DRILL igloo design

Design and Development

We designed an ergonomic handgrip that provides a comfortable and stable grip; it is part of the drill packaging and is already put to use from the point-of-sale.  The final product is an impressive handgrip with a look that draws inspiration from the world of advanced tools.
SYROX HAND DRILL igloo design

Client Benefits

Smart packaging for carrying the drill, making it conspicuous on the shelf, promoting the brand and increasing sales.
SYROX HAND DRILL igloo design

Scope of the Work

Research, Design brief, concept development, product design, engineering, prototype production, production implementation, project management