Transforming a client's dream into reality

Source Outdoor approached IGLOO to design and develop a flexible water bottle. When asked by our industrial designers what the advantages of a flexible bottle were, their answer was, “That’s what we hired you to discover.” A year-and-a-half of development culminated in an innovative product with added value for the consumer.
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Product description

Flexible bottle for away-from-home use, made of thermoplastic materials and a mechanism made of POM. The mouthpiece also acts as the valve. The bottle is filled through an opening on the bottom. The product registered as European and American patent.

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Development process

Research, product characterization, industrial design, engineering, project management.

Client benefits

The client received a high quality and reliable product for drinking virtually anywhere. The added value of a flexible bottle is that the liquid can be squeezed out for drinking, eliminating the need to tilt the head back, a big advantage for athletes anxious to maintain their high pulse rate. It provides a truly unique user experience not available from the competition.
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