Industrial design, ergonomics, and fashion design combine to make an outstanding product

The SOURCE Adventure sandal is one of the best-known Israeli consumer products worldwide. For over a decade IGLOO has been Source’s in-house industrial design studio and full partners in all steps of the design process – from concept to production line. We are involved in the company’s strategy and concept development, as well as product definition, development, engineering and design.
Source sandals 1

Product description

A line of rugged outdoor sandals for Source Ltd.
Source sandals 2

Development process

Research, product characterization, product design, engineering, and project management.
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Integrating fashion with outdoors and sports products

One of the main challenges in designing and developing Source products, particularly its sandals, is finding the optimum balance between fashion, durability, and cost control. Source products must be attractive, contemporary, and in keeping with the taste of their target market, but also highly durable outdoor wear that holds up on difficult terrain without compromising on comfort. Production costs must be low to maintain a competitive advantage in a tough market.

1,000,000 sandals pairs sold worldwide

Our designers are responsible for the development and design of two lines of Source sandals – Classic and Stream – with over 1,000,000 pairs sold worldwide. The sandals have triple-layer soles that include the unique Green Dot™ guarantee. As long as the dot embedded in the bottom layer is intact, the sandal is under warranty, up to four years from sale.(Testimonial)
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