What’s the most essential equipment for a soldier in the field?

Source Outdoor is one of the foremost suppliers in the world of hydration systems for military and security forces. These products must meet the most stringent standards of the American, German, French, Swedish, and Israeli militaries, all of which purchase the products for their forces. Source Outdoor chose Igloo to design and engineer their hydration systems and packs.

Product description

Portable personal hydration system in a backpack consists of a flexible water bladder, tube, and drinking valve. The backpack is made of textile pieces, the bladder of 3-layered PE sheets, and the drinking system of plastic parts.

Development process

Research, characterization, product design, engineering, project management, and production implementation.

Client Benefits

This high-caliber and dependable line of products has many advantages over the competition. A new reservoir closer developed by IGLOO overcame limitations of the previous one, which had failed to pass rigorous US Army testing for withstanding pressure. The new closer provides superior performance but costs no more to produce. More comfortable and easier to use, the new system meets stringent US Army standards. IGLOO's solution provided Source with the potential to increase sales exponentially. Some of the products in the line have won prestigious design awards in Israel and Europe.