An entire mobile broadcast van on your back

LiveU specializes in technology enabling live media broadcasts from the field, eliminating the need for an adjacent satellite broadcast van. The company’s flagship product involves innovative portable video-over-cellular HD-quality transmission, and they chose IGLOO to design it.

Fitting a transmission van into a case the size of a DVD player

The main engineering challenge was configuring dozens of electronic components and cellular modems inside a minimalist case without losing sight of the need for multiple transmission channels, protection from dangerous radiation levels, heat dispersion, easy access for maintenance, and high reliability under difficult field conditions.


Product definition, industrial design, plastic-parts engineering, internal architecture and electronic component configuration, project management, and production implementation.

Product description

The small device fits into a backpack, enabling live HD-quality media broadcasting from virtually anywhere. It replaces satellite vans that rent for over $30,000 a day.
LiveU 2

Superior design adapted for limited production quantities:

Another challenge confronting our industrial designers was how to design and produce parts from high quality plastic when initial production quantities made investment in injection molds impractical. Solutions were reached through effective design and engineering and by choosing the right production technology – one that allows the manufacture of quality products with minimal upfront investment.

2009 Academy Awards ceremony broadcast from a backpack

IGLOO’s industrial design and engineering culminated in an impressive, attractive, high quality product that provides total user experience to its target markets – the result of methodical and efficient design development. Client satisfaction was complete. The 2009 Academy Awards ceremony successfully inaugurated use of the product globally and sales continue to grow.
LiveU 1
LiveU 6
LiveU 4