Packaging integral to the product and user experience

When MIS Implants Technologies decided to pack their dental implant products automatically rather than by hand, they approached IGLOO to design and engineer a series of new cases. They had to be sterile, airtight, attractive, unlike those of the competition, and compact. We began by interviewing key players within the company (marketing, production, packing, operations) and dentists.
MIS dental implant packaging designed by IGLOO DESIGN

Product description

Sterile packaging for dental implants and appliances suitable for packing in an automatic assembly line.
Dental implant packaging product design


Research, product characterization, product design, engineering, and project management.

The solution

“You were too successful; larger please.…” The client had asked us to scale down the cases in an effort to reduce expensive air shipment costs. But when they saw we had reduced volume by 60%, they requested we enlarge them somewhat so the cases wouldn’t be perceived as being “too small.”
Dental implant design

Client benefits

The design process was carried out following use scenarios (the cases are opened in stages throughout the treatment), and meet all the client’s requirements. Their appearance is distinctive as well as distinct from similar products on the market. They consist of four parts made of injected plastic (PC+PP) and one titanium part. They are sterile, airtight, and protected by a tamper-evident seal.
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