Helping rescue and security forces maintain satellite contact from the field

Gilat, a NASDAQ-traded public company, develops and markets cutting-edge satellite communication systems to 85 countries. When it decided to develop a new satellite modem for the use of rescue and security forces working under difficult field conditions lacking even basic communication infrastructure, it approached IGLOO to design the product. IGLOO's designers worked closely with Gilat's project manager and Euclid System Engineering to produce a modem that not only functions effectively, but is sturdy enough to withstand difficult field conditions and looks both rugged and esthetic.
SatRanger 1

Product description

Satellite communication modem produced by aluminum machining and finished with paint capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.
SatRanger 2

Development process

Product characterization, product design
SatRanger 3

Design challenge

To design a technology-rich product that is rugged but esthetic and attractive.
SatRanger 4