EverSwitch - Design choices open new possibilities

The Baran Group specializes in the development and manufacture of advanced Piezo electric switches. Following the company’s decision to expand into new markets, including the consumer market, it faced the need to develop a new system designed with special attributes at an attractive price.

The new product proposed by Igloo uses smart technology to meet a variety of requirements. Made from polycarbonate, it is manufactured as a single unit. Laser-etching technology allows light to pass through the plastic in the area of the numbers. It has no moving parts, making it fully impermeable and ideal for use in out-of-door conditions.

New Possibilities:

Using plastic instead of aluminum and the unique method of production opened a variety of graphic options such as colors, different graphic fonts and icons.

In addition, the system offers two operating options, either of which can be used with the same plastic material without raising production costs.

Scope of the Work

Research, design brief, concept development, product design, prototype production, project management