Make your own sketchbook and keep the world green

Eco Clip helps keep your desktop clean and our world green. With Eco Clip you can easily make your own sketchbook by recycling old drafts and leftover paper. This simple yet innovative solution is a totally new concept for gathering papers into a sketchbook. The product saves on both costs and trees by encouraging users to reuse draft papers in a simple and fun way.

The Eco Clip won the prestigious 2013 Reddot Design Award.
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Eco Clip - Make your own sketchbook

Product description

It can turn 15 sheets of A4 paper into a 60-page A5 sketchbook – the user simply folds the A4 papers in half and binds them with the Eco Clip. Or, a block of A4 papers can be created by simply folding the sheets at the edge and binding.
Eco clip notebook maker

Product usage

The Eco Clip is great for home, office, and commercial use. It is available in 6 different colors and sold as a ready-to-use binding clip or a ready-made sketchbook with bound sheets.
Eco Clip by Igloo Design Strategy
אקו קליפ של חברת העיצוב איגלו דיזיין
Eco Clip by Igloo Design a Reddot design award winner 2013
אקו-קליפ עיצוב מוצר זוכה פרס העיצוב RedDot
אקו קליפ של חברת העיצוב איגלו דיזיין זכה בפרס העיצוב רדדוט