Company profile

IGLOO DESIGN STRATEGY, a leading industrial design company, has specialized in innovative product design and development since 2001. Products designed by the company have met with market success, are internationally renowned and have been awarded prestigious prizes. They have been granted American, European, and Israeli patents.
The investment IGLOO makes in carrying out market analyses, user experience research, and product characterization has its roots in a professional approach which recognizes that in today's world, design is an inseparable part of business and market strategy, above and beyond its traditional role as an R&D tool for developing attractive products.
The IGLOO team researches, understands, and experiences – and only then processes the qualitative information collected into insights; concepts and product characterization. Thus, it is capable of generating unique products that provide their target users excellent performance and superior user experience for each and every project.

High quality product design is born of the harmony that comes with the integration of all facets of a product: user experience, visual character, ergonomics, engineering design, materials, technology, production, and environmental considerations, to name just a few.
In addition, IGLOO works according to the Effective Design Method (EDM™), which was developed by the company together with Professor Menachem Weiss of the Technion, Institute of Technology, as a tool for making informed decisions in real time in order to save invaluable time and costs during the design process.

IGLOO's engineers work in close collaboration with the industrial designer team to produce engineering designs that embrace a holistic view of all facets of a product and complete harmony between engineering and design requirements. Strict engineering on a high professional level is a necessary condition for the development of innovative, high quality, reliable products that are cost effective in mass production.

Quality results can only be obtained from skilled management of production implementation: coordination and scheduling of the various manufacturers and suppliers, cost control, time management, quality assurance, response to problems that crop up during the process, and more. IGLOO's added value to its clients comes from its proven ability to manage this stage successfully – and deliver high quality products with low production costs.

Because of its exceptional ability to produce products that are attractive and have high commercial value and real influence over the market, IGLOO has been chosen by leading companies around the globe to develop their new products.

IGLOO is proud to be a part of the success of its clients, who come from a wide variety of industries: communications, technology, medical devices, food and beverages, security, sports, toys, lifestyle, packaging, and more.