A novel design encourages consideration for others

The Economic Society for the Development of Kfar Saba approached IGLOO to design an alternative to the dog waste pick-up bag dispensers currently installed in the city’s neighborhoods.

The challenge: To produce a new dispenser that would encourage recycling and community participation, an iconic product with an impressive and amusing presence to encourage new behavior among dog owners – instead of the city maintaining the dispensers and filling them with new bags, dog owners themselves would replenish them by recycling plastic bags accumulating in their homes.

IGLOO met the challenge and the new product, named Doggy-Do, is currently being installed on the streets of Kfar Saba.

Product description

An original and colorful metal dispenser in the shape of a bone with openings for inserting and removing plastic bags. The novel design wrestled with issues like weather resistance, vandalism, and how to create an iconic appearance noticeable from afar.