Early Warning System

Know. Act. Save Lives

VivAlert is an innovative and effective solution for broadcasting early warnings and notifications to the public in the event a wide range of threats, including earthquake, tornado, tsunami, hurricane, missile attack, flood, snow, mud slides and terror attack

In an emergency, clear, timely alerts that provide the public with the information they require to protect themselves, can help save lives and minimize damages. VivAlert does just that by broadcasting targeted alerts directly to homes and public facilities, in the relevant language, with a clear explanation of the nature of the emergency as well as simple safety instructions.

VivAlert relies on the highly dependable Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) radio communications network, and is comprised of two main components – the receiver, a compact, stand-alone device, and the central processing server.

The central processing server is a software-based solution located at the DTT headquarters, which decodes the alerts received from the authorities and broadcasts encoded alerts to receivers through the Digital Terrestrial Network. The receiver features an interactive UI and LCD, and is responsible for decoding, authenticating and delivering vocal and textual alerts. The entire alerting process can be easily managed through a dedicated application, to ensure civilians take the necessary measures to protect themselves and help save others.

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