ScentcomThe scent revolution Smell the difference We developed a palm-sized, portable device that will soon replace inefficient sprays, old-fashioned candles and clumsy air fresheners. With the touch of your finger on your smartphone, you can customize your Scent-experience, making this device perfect for the modern homeowner. ALL PROJECTS RETURN TO TOP


CombieStore.Grind.Roll on the go Combie Grind & Roll Combie is the only brand to offer a pocket - size device that provides all the essential tools for the on the go rolling experience. Tobacco grinder, rolling paper w/tips & storage all in one revolutionary tool made of fiber reinforced plastic. Design & Roll & go Super smart design of all in one integrated mold  - all compartments have an integral hinge for better UX and...


VivAlertEarly Warning System Know. Act. Save Lives VivAlert is an innovative and effective solution for broadcasting early warnings and notifications to the public in the event a wide range of threats, including earthquake, tornado, tsunami, hurricane, missile attack, flood, snow, mud slides and terror attack In an emergency, clear, timely alerts that provide the public with the information they require to protect themselves, can help save lives and minimize damages. VivAlert does just that by...

PURE Water Mini Bar

PureMini Bar Drink fresh water Advanced water bar from the new Classic series. 3 mixing modes (cold / hot / boiling) for maximum convenience. A spectacular design with high water output that combines a combined American water purifier. Adsorption of chlorine smells and side effects and reduction of limescale damage. Extra Hot button for quick water boiling and safety switch against children. Includes perimeter lighting. ALL PROJECTS RETURN TO TOP


FlipodThe ultimate selfie stick Take a selfie. Like a pro So many perfect moments are often missed because as you rush to hook up that old selfie stick life goes on.... and by the time you're all ready, well, the moment's gone. The back of a celebrity just isn't good enough to show your friends.... Yes, the sun has set on your old portable selfie stick. Flipod™ by Igloo has changed all that. Now, you can be...

EarWays Medical Home

EarWays Medical HomeCareRelease with a twist Revolutionary ear care EARWAYS MEDICAL Ltd. is a leading innovator of ear-care solutions. Founded to enhance the well-being of millions of children and adults worldwide, EARWAYS MEDICAL collaborates with IGLOO in order to provides easy-to use ear care products designed for clinicians and use at home. Boosted by an inherent medical demand and backed by clinical evidence, the Company benefits from a team of world-class experts in bio-engineering, medical...

Currency Counter

Currency CounterThe smallest & smartest one. Ever Premium Bank Grade Currency Value Counter Digital Verification Ltd. provides core proprietary technology for watermark detection and denomination recognition of banknotes. Precision Counting Accuracy & Error Detection this Counter was designed by Igloo™ following the intelligent banknote screening system which analyzes each banknote to detect all possible types of banknote feeding errors. This technology ensures the most accurate counts available in a desktop currency counter. ALL PROJECTS RETURN...

EDEN Easy Bar

EDEN Easy BarThe bar you always wanted smallest and first green tap water dispenser in the world MEY EDEN Easy-Bar is the smallest 5-gallon bottled water dispenser in the world and the only one to operate on the same principles of irrigation used 3000 years ago. It works without mechanical taps or electricity, has great accessibility, and a good water flow rate. Research conducted by IGLOO DESIGN STRATEGY found that the size of a dispenser...


InfuserAn award winning dispenser Best beverage dispensers in the industry. When we set out to design ROSSETO's line of beverage dispensers the requirements were obvious. It's have to be sturdy enough to stand up to the toughest guest (and staff), yet stunning enough to impress your most discerning. The results became a range of modern beverage dispensers that can be mixed and matched with ROSSETO complete collection of risers and surfaces also designed by IGLOO....


Micron3DPWorld's first Glass & metal 3D printing Pioneering High Speed – High resolution Glass & Metal 3D Printing. Micron3DP invented a new way to 3d print molten glass.     This is the first time that glass has been printed in liquid hot form. Micron had succeeded in printing ‘soft’ glass at a temperature of 850 degrees, as well as borosilicate glass at a melting temperature of 1640 degrees Celsius!     There is a wide variety...
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