Intellectual property

Effectively protecting intellectual property is an important part of any R&D.

(Almost) anyone developing a new product needs to protect their intellectual property by applying for a patent and/or a design patent. This has several purposes:
1. It makes it more difficult for the competition to copy the product or its components.
2. It increases the value of the  product / company.
3. It is a tool to impress potential investors and customers.

Applying for a patent is a very expensive process, making it extremely important to do so only after careful thought and in a professional manner. Is it really worth it to take out a patent? What exactly does a patent cover? When should a patent be applied for? In which countries is it worthwhile to file a patent application? Is applying for a "provisional patent" the right way to go? We will help you with all of these questions and provide you support during the entire process, including referring you to the patent agent we  partner with.
Intellectual property

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