Design Your Business Strategy
Yariv Sade  (June 2011)

During the last decade, the product has moved to center stage. Consumers are no longer led astray by marketing campaigns and ads that promise them the world. They want the real thing in hand, one that both works properly and affords total user experience! They are no longer satisfied with a product that only works satisfactorily. They are looking for added value – a product that is attractive and inspiring, that they are proud to own; an appealing product that is enjoyable to use, well designed, and provides positive user experience. Companies that appreciate these insights and develop products that not only work well but answer the emotional and experiential needs of their target markets are promised loyal consumers willing to pay more for their products.
But this will not happen by chance – if they are working haphazardly, even a talented team of designers will find it difficult to come up with a winning design to dominate the market and sell large quantities at higher prices than the competition. It can only happen when meticulously-arrived-at business policies integrate design as part of the companies' strategy!
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