How can food packaging improve convenience without adding to costs?

Tirat Zvi (a subdivision of the Tnuva food conglomerate) specializes in developing, producing, and marketing delicatessen meats. The company approached Igloo to design and develop its next generation of food packaging.
עיצוב אריזות מזון

Product description

A case and cover connected by an integral hinge, produced by plastic injection molding and vacuum forming.
עיצוב מוצר - אריזה לנקניקים

Product Advantages

Convenient to open and close. Seals better for longer freshness. Prominent on the shelf. Low production and operating costs maintained.
Igloo packaging design

Development process

Research, concept, product design, engineering, production implementation. The package was designed jointly with Shalam Packaging, a major producer of plastic products, and the Feuerstein Design Studio, which was responsible for graphic design. Photos: Sketches of the development process.
Food packaging design