High-end buffet displays and intelligent food dispensers

Rosseto is an international manufacturer of innovative serving and display solutions for the foodservice and hospitality industry. Our product designs and smart technology come together to create impressive yet functional displays and creative food presentations.
From high-end buffet displays to intelligent food dispensers for candy stores or yogurt shops, Rosseto offers the widest selection of serving and display options. Cutting-edge technology and sophisticated designs make for inviting displays and inspiring presentations that highlight culinary talent.
Rosseto chose IGLOO to lead it products design.
Rosseto City Riser - Igloo Design

City Riser

This riser is unlike any riser you’ve ever seen. The modern and creative design pushes the competition aside and turns this buffetware into functional art. The many different surfaces make the city riser multifunctional and it makes a great centerpiece. Incorporate it with our glass or acrylic surfaces, bamboo platters and liteware mini dishes.
Rosseto-Serving Solutions - Igloo product design

Tall Column Riser

This modular riser system is unlike any buffetware out there; the modern design makes the SKYCAP riser system a piece of functional art that stands out from the competition. Incorporate multilevel risers with our tempered glass surfaces, and liteware mini dishes.
Buffet solutions - Igloo Design Strategy

Black Matte Bread Column

The brand new Bread Column features a two-stack container with acrylic drawers and steel handles. The case is finished in black to show your pastries and breads with modern style. Add one of our stunning surfaces in wood, glass or acrylic to elevate your baked goods with double the surface space.
Rosseto-Serving Solutions

Round Multi-Level Riser

Igloo Design studio - serving solutions product design

Square Black Matte Warmers

Display and dispensing products designed

Bakery Stand - 3-tier

Dispensers and Warmers

Round Warmers

עיצוב ופיתוח מוצרים וכלי הגשה לבתי מלון וקטיינרינג

Chrome Plated Multi-Level Riser

פיתוח ועיצוב כלי הגשה מזיגה ודיספנסרים

Square Beverage Dispensers with Bamboo Base

איגלו דיזיין - עיצוב ופיתוח כלי הקשה עבור חברת רוזטו

Short Square Beverage dispensers with Bamboo and Stainless Steel Base

פיתוח ועיצוב מוצרי הגשה - כלים לבתי מלון וקייטרינג. איגלו דיזיין

Black Matte Round Risers

Hexagon Beverage Dispensers with Bamboo and Stainless Steel Base

Hexagon Beverage Dispensers with Bamboo and Stainless Steel Base