Fourier science education tablet

For over 20 years, Fourier Education has been a worldwide leader in the field of science education technology. The new Einstein tablet designed by IGLOO DESIGN, empowers teachers and inspires students to explore the world around them by providing an engaging science learning experience that unifies sensor-based experiments, interactive multimedia activities and user-friendly analysis applications.
Einstein LabMate student tablet

Product description

7" multi-touch screen tablet including ABS inection molding body, with both horizontal and vertical positioning options. It can be connected up to 8 sensors simultaneously by Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity. The product provides students the essential tools to conduct scientific experiments.
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Product Advantages

Easy and friendly to use. including a built-in handle for carrying, that acts also as a desktop stand and connectors cover and protector.
Science education technology tablet

Development process

Product characterization, concept development, product design.
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