Questions and answers about our design services.
How do I know if IGLOO DESIGN STRATEGY is the right design studio for us?

If we believe we cannot deliver the goods we will simply tell you so! We would never want to ruin our good name over projects that are not within our expertise. Beyond that, we invite you to learn about us – the people you would be working with, our background and experience, our clients and what they say about us, the work we’ve done, our methods, our excellent reputation, and the design prizes we’ve been awarded.

At what point in the process should we approach you?

Right from the very start!
As a firm specializing in strategic design, we emphasize the importance of design decisions and strategy, especially at the very beginning of the process. By being in on your initial deliberations we can help you define the project and characterize your new product. Invite us for an introductory meeting early on (at no cost or obligation to you) and avoid having to say “It’s too bad we didn’t know sooner….”

How much do your services cost?

Research, design, and development costs vary according to the complexity of the product and scope of the project. We work either on a fixed rate or on an hourly basis, whichever the client prefers. After the introductory meeting, during which we will learn about the product and your requirements, we will be happy to prepare a quotation for your project.

What if I’m interested in hiring you for only part of the project (e.g., I.D. without research)?

Our quotation will be based on your requirements. Our quotations are modular; that is, divided according to stages, so that the client is not limited to hiring us for the whole project. That said, you should keep in mind that some stages are based on previous ones and we do not recommend splitting them up (that doesn’t mean, however, that we have to be involved in all of the stages).

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the results?

That is not an option for us. Usually a product that passes our review is whole-heartedly accepted by the client. If for some reason that doesn’t happen, our commitment is to update and improve the design until the client is completely satisfied.

We are in a big hurry. Do you know how to work fast?

We have yet to meet a project that could be done at our leisure... Shortening the timetable is part of our responsibility as project managers and time is of critical importance during the entire process. We know how to work fast and efficiently under short deadlines because we know how to manage effectively and schedule work smoothly with all involved in the project.

Do I need an industrial designer, a product designer, or an engineer?

Product design is only one facet of industrial design. While a product designer is for the most part interested only in the product itself, an industrial designer must also take into consideration the production and operational aspects of the product. For example, designing a single chair would be product design; designing a chair for mass production, considering the production line, shipping, etc., is industrial design. Consequently, if you are developing a product for mass production you need an industrial designer.
Engineering, unlike design, is concerned only with the solid attributes of the product – the objective and measurable technical parameters such as strength, structure, weight, price, and production suitability. It is in no way concerned with a product’s soft attributes – the subjective experiential parameters that cannot be measured, like beauty, attractiveness, pleasure, comfort, and appearance. Almost all products require both design and engineering, which makes integrating the two so very important. That is why letting IGLOO provide you with both these services provides you with a comprehensive solution and seamless integration of the two functions.

How to begin working with you?

Contact us and set up an appointment for your free introductory meeting, with no obligation for you. The aim of this meeting is to get acquainted and offer you our expertise in defining your product. After the meeting we will prepare a full quotation for you.  Schedule a meeting